What is SmartAddress?

SmartAddress enables unique and easy to remember digital name that can be assigned to people, places, products, services, content and things, for fast and easy informational sharing purposes. It is a revolutionary patent pending idea great for creating any content on the fly to meet users offline and online needs. Every SmartAddress created has a landing page that shows detailed information on any given SmartAddress when searched. 

How do I lookup SmartAddress?

Type the SmartAddress as it appears on the Search box on our website or app and click enter. You will be taken to the landing page associated with the SmartAddress. The landing page will reveal detailed information about the SmartAddress you have searched. Please note that you may need to sign in to look up some SmartAddress, depending on the privacy setting enabled by the creator of the SmartAddress. 

How do I create SmartAddress?

First, you need to create a Unique Profile SmartAddress™ for your personal use and promotion. This can be done on the signup page. You will need two names, usually your first and last name, to secure your Unique Profile SmartAddress (UPSA). Enter these names on the Suffix and Prefix boxes respectively. You will be assigned your desired Unique Profile SmartAddress if it is still available. Make sure you include no space or special character. The minimum characters allowed on each side is five. If you want to use shorter name, please contact us.

Once you have created your Profile SmartAddress and gone through the signup process, sign in and navigate to the home page. You will be given options of SmartAddress content you can create. Simply follow the easy direction. 

How do I use SmartAddress?

Uses of Smart Address are so numerous and you’re only limited by your own imagination. Think of many ways you use website address to direct people to online content. Whatever content or information you desire to share and direct traffic to can be created and assigned with a SmartAddress. Do you want to sell your used car? Create a SmartAddress for it. Write the SmartAddress on the car to direct potential buyers to the detailed information and pictures of the car. Launching a new book? Create a SmartAddress for it. Use SmartAddress on your business card. SmartAddress is perfect for creating event invitation. Are you a realtor? Take the advantage of the ease of creating and deploying SmartAddress to sell properties. Students, teachers, store owners and creative people are finding SmartAddress very useful in their various activities of sharing information. Manufacturers can rely on SmartAddress to share detailed information about their products with their consumers. Consumers dont need to scan barcode for any information to be revealed. SmartAddress is excellent for online, broadcast, outdoor and print campaigns. Use SmartAddress to share your information. It works. It can be created on the go. You dont have to worry about maintaining domain name or hosting a site. It’s easy to share and it’s free.

How do I join your Ambassador Program? 

If you're interested to get out and make people aware of SmartAddress on social media and in your community, please use the contact page to reach us for detailed information about our ambassador program.