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SmartAddress is a revolutionary, patent pending social interaction tool for creating, addressing, sharing and directing traffic to your information and visual content. People, places, products, services, content or any piece of information can be assigned SmartAddress, that is unique, easy to remember, share and search. You no longer need complex hosted domain or website to promote your business, ideas or information. SmartAddress makes information sharing a breeze.

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When you sign up, you will be assigned Unique Profile SmartAddress™ (UPSA)..You need one to promote or direct people to your profile page and to take advantage of all the benefits SmartAddress platform offers Your UPSA can also be used for easy transaction and communication for some services. Like order pizza within few seconds or book doctor's visit. Get ready for simplified life! UPSA is assigned on first come, first choice basis. Act now to secure your name.

Buy, Sell...Free

SmartAddress platform offers unique marketplace to buy and sell for free. Find huge deals on new and used Items. View local listings for jobs, services, local community and events, Post classified ads. View Housing for sale and rental. Every listed item is assigned SmartAddress, that is easy to promote, search and identify. This takes guesswork out of buying and selling. List Your Items for free. Buying and selling have never been so easy. Start now. List your Item in minutes.

Earn Mart Points With SmartAddress

Mart Points is a customer retention program that rewards a variety of customer actions and offers a variety of amazing rewards. With your Unique Profile SmartAddress™, earn valuable points each time you patronize a business or service that rewards with Mart Points.Anyone can start rewarding with Mart Points within minutes. Use SmartAddress platform to find participating businesses and services that reward you with Mart Points. Never again spend your hard earned money on anything without earning Mart Points.